Table Tennis Competition, Trojans Okehampton Trip - May 2023

The Draw

Here is the draw and result spreadsheet for 2023: link.
See the days by which each round should be played at the top of each column.

How it will run

This will run very much as last year. Players will need to let Steve Edwards know
that they wish to enter this (entry fee £3), he will send a payment link, and then players
will be entered into a draw, which will be shown on an online spreadsheet.
This will be updated by Steve, when the winners of each round have confirmed their result,
preferably via the WhatsApp group for the Okehampton trip.

Except for the final, players need to agree with their opponents their playing times, and book
the tables.
The timing for the final will be arranged by the organisers to allow our own guys to watch.

Players should get their equipment themselves.

Playing the game

Here are some basic rules:

Note: the rule of how to serve will be strictly adhered to, in particular:
The ball should rest freely on the open palm of the server, above the level of the table
The ball should be projected vertically (at least 16cm)

If you need to see the fuller set of rules click here.

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